Who is Ahh?

Achikare het heru is a Muse from Africa willing to share her thoughts with the world through her unique creative and performing “ART”.

Indeed a great Artist, A creator.

As you scroll down to beat your imaginations hope you don’t forget to drop your comments.


To evolve physically,mentally and spiritually, impacting positive thinking and behavior to humanity. Spreading love, happiness and light to everyone despite cultural differences. Promoting African heritage which is a pride to us.

Show casting “our” value to the globe with open mind to interact and communicate to achieve a greater goal.


Involve in creative art and performing arts.

With the gift of “imagination” dancing is thy secret talent

Am ready for ; commercials. Runways. Acting.

Creating Art is my hobby. You could always call on for photoshoots. Ideals shared are simple ways of gaining knowledge.

Open to trying new stuffs which is not against my principles.

Mega mind! 😀

“The only thing I have and you don’t have”


Get the strap on and illuminate your mind!!!!!!!!!


Mutable and progressing.


This is a contract I had with pulse Ghana. I was suppose to be their creative muse for a specific ad in their website but due to time problems as I had an appointment to catch up with, I was the muse for just part of the whole story. Indeed it was an amazing experience as it was my 1st ad ever and also, what I enjoyed most about it was the fact I was given an opportunity to express a fragment of my trait.

Get In Touch

Reach out so we can work together to create more.

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